Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Throwing a Cinco de Mayo Party!

This weekend it is time to break out your maracas and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style! So you now what that means, this morning I shared my favorite Cinco de Mayo tips with Page Crawford on WNCN Today, including easy ways to decorate, and a fun way to upcycle your leftover Easter Eggs:

·      DIY Maracas
o   Upcycled Easter Eggs.  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think Cinco do Mayo?  Plastic Easter Eggs of course!  Well, maybe not, but it should be.  Since Easter has just passed, you likely have a few plastic Easter eggs laying around the house so let’s put them to good use.  Simply fill a plastic egg with small rocks or jelly beans, place it between two plastic spoons and wrap colorful tape (or really any tape at all) around the egg and spoons to create your own maracas.

·      Food and Drink
o   Salsa Bar. You can’t very well have a Cinco de Mayo party without good chips and salsa.  So why not create a salsa bar?  All you need to do is put your salsa base, guacamole, corn & black beans and your other favorite fixings out so that your guests can mix together their favorite salsa.  You can add an additional festive flare to your salsa bar by placing all of the ingredients in margarita glasses, or serving the mixed salsa in margarita glasses.  TIP: Dont forget to pull out your solid green St. Patricks Day serving pieces they will be perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

o   Dress up Your Drink…Literally. Trade in your boring old koozies for these awesome Fiesta Serapes from CelebrateExpress.com and dont forget to add a stick on mustache.  I mean really, have you seen a cooler Cinco de Mayo beer?  Since your mustache sticker will sit high on the bottleneck, you can easily put them on your bottles before putting them in the cooler and add the Fiesta Serapes when served.

·      Decoration or Entertainment
o   Piñatas.  A piñata is not just for the kids anymore!  Pick up a small donkey piñata from CelebrateExpress.com to use as a centerpiece on your buffet table or fill it with candy and toys and let your grownup guests relive their youth.  Just make sure you hang the poor donkey out of harms way.  TIP:  If you can find plastic airplane bottle of alcohol they make the perfect grownup piñata surprise.

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Tune in next week for Teacher Appreciation Day ideas!

Until next time,
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p.s. Thanks again to CelebrateExpress.com for the awesome props!

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