Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Can't Bring Baby Home Without....

In the seemingly endless sea of pregnancy manuals, websites, blogs, tips, etc. Pregnancy Tips for The Clueless Chick is the only pregnancy guide that "cut[s] through the noise and let[s] you focus on the important things that you have to do!” -Deidra P.  One of the most valuable tips in Chapter 4 "Shopping and Showers" is the list of Baby Registry MUST Haves.  The Clueless Chick narrows down the list items to register for to a manageable size and highlights what you absolutely have to have before you can bring baby home.  As a first time expectant Mom who is a bit overwhelmed preparing for baby, there is nothing more helpful than a short list of what you absolutely have to do - once you've checked off everything on that list, the rest is just gravy :-)

Happy Reading!

What Can't You Do With a Mason Jar?

One of my favorite parts of Spring is breaking out iconic warm weather gear like shorts, sun screen and mason jars.  Yes, mason jars :-)  I am The Clueless Chick and I love Mason Jars.  What is more refreshing or relaxing (or southern) than a nice cold drink in a mason jar?  Recently I took my love of mason jars to a new level and used them as the packaging for these adorable Afternoon Tea Sprinkle Favors.  These Cupcake Mason Jars were lined with a cupcake wrapper and an adorable cupcake note card, filled with a variety of tea and Lindor truffles, and adorned with pink raffia and a cupcake favor tag designed to match the adorable Sprinkle invitations.  The favors were a huge hit!

The best part of creating favors using functional containers is knowing that guests will be able to enjoy the favor, and remember the wonderful party, for years to come.  It is even better when you can give guests ideas for how to up-cycle their favor or packaging.

Cupcake Mason Jar Favors
 (1) Pint size Mason Jar with Lid
(1) Cupcake Note Card
(1) Colorful Cupcake Wrapper
(4) Varieties of Tea, individually wrapped
(3) Lindor Truffles
(1) Personalized Favor Tag
Simply place the cupcake note card inside the mason jar so that design shows behind the "Ball" logo, add the cupcake wrapper followed by the tea and truffles.  Screw on the lid, tie your colorful raffia around the neck of the jar, add the favor tag, tie a bow and voila! 
(if you're feeling extra ambitious add iced tea or sun tea instructions to the jar, along with a few up-cycling tips)

What else do I love to do with Mason Jars you ask??  One of my all time favorites is dropping a few frozen strawberries into mason jars for serving Strawberry Pink Lemonade.  Not only does this make a super cute table display at a Spring Time party, Shower, or Backyard BBQ, it is fun and functional.

The Clueless Chick has also served some very yummy adult beverages with a southern twist (Whiskey Sours and Dixie Cups) in mason jars at A Very Christmas Cocktail Party.  At the Casual Co-ed Baby Shower we served milk in mason jars to compliment the super yummy Oreo cake!

You will also find flatware displayed in mason jars at most casual Clueless Chick parties.  We also have a few more Mason Jar tricks up our sleeve that will be featured at a very special little man's 1st Birthday Party next weekend - stay tuned!

One Last Mason Jar Tip:
While mason jars are not expensive and can be found in a number of different shapes and sizes at your local Wal*Mart, you can save yourself a few bucks by saving spaghetti sauce jars, or really any glass jar.  This is just one more way to do a little up-cycling!