Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easy Ways to Thank a Teacher

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, the perfect time to thank your kids’ teachers for the amazing work they do every day. So you know what that means - I shared some of my favorite gift ideas that won’t break the bank or send you into a DIY tailspin with Page Crawford on WNCN Today:

·      Fuel Their Creativity
o   Gift Cards and a Treat. If you are planning to give your kids’ teachers gift cards, why not wrap them with some of their favorite things?  What could be more fun than a Starbucks gift card wrapped in a new scarf, surrounded by her favorite Bert’s Bees products, hidden in a mountain of candy or packed with pens and scissors to replace the ones your kids have worn out.  TIP: When you pick up your Starbucks gift cards, ask if you can have a cup to use as giftwrap.  Even if they charge you a few cents for the cup it is well worth it.

·      A Stylish Touch
o   Her Favorite Designer. Have you seen your kids’ teacher carrying a particular style of purse or has she mentioned that she loves your Holly Aiken bag?  Then why not get her one of her own?!  You don’t have to break the bank either; you can pick up a small cosmetics bag and fill it with a few pampering goodies, or coordinate a group gift with other families in the classroom to buy her a larger bag.  Either way she will be touched that you recognized her personal style.

·      A Twist on the Traditional
o   Beyond Just an Apple and Cookies.  Apples are of course the traditional teacher gift and couldn’t be easier to dress up.  If you happen to know that your kids’ teacher likes caramels, why not wrap his apple in a bag filled with caramels?  It’s much easier than making homemade caramel apples and won’t set you back more than a few dollars.  Then there is of course the go-to gift, a batch of cookies.  Instead of just making a batch of cookies, why not package them in a cookies jar he can leave on his desk, or wrap them with a cookie sheet and apron if you want to give a larger gift.  Either way he will enjoy the gift long after the cookies are gobbled up.

Whether you decide to go all out, or have your kids make thank you cards, don’t forget to tell the teachers in your life how much you appreciate them!

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Tune in next week for tips on finding baby gear that will grow with your child!

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