Friday, January 25, 2013

My Favorite Cart Cover {Clueless Chick Giveaway}

When it comes to baby products, everyone likes to throw around the term “must-have”.  But honestly, as a mom how many items can you truly not live without?  As someone who is always striving to downsize my big bertha diaper bag, I can tell you that no matter how many times I purge my diaper bag, one of the few things that ALWAYS remains is my Green Sprouts Cart Cover.  In fact, I keep one in the diaper bag and another in my car.
Unlike other cart covers, this is truly compact, super easy to clean, and in all of our travels we have yet to find a shopping cart, high chair or baby swing that it does not fit over.  So why should you get one?  Have you seen people turn a restaurant high chair upside down to set their infant carrier in the bottom - do you really want your little one touching that?!?  (I will admit that becoming a mom did turn me into a bit of a germaphobe).

If you are going to go to the grocery store, Target, a restaurant or the local park with your little one, you need a Green Sprouts Cart Cover.  They are only $12 and can be found everywhere from Whole Foods to Babies'R'Us.  And take it from me, you need an extra one to leave in the car just in case.

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I received sample products for use on TV appearances from iPlay in exchange for my honest reviews. I received no monetary compensation for this review or opinions. In fact, I love their products so much that I asked if it was ok for me to publish a review :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Organizing Your Inspiration {Clueless Chick Style}

Every month I get a stack of magazines and catalogs in the mail and they either: 1. Go straight into the recycle bin or 2. Collect dust on your bookshelf.  I flip through these beautiful magazines, feeling so inspired (sometimes overwhelmed) by the creativity and style, then the phone rings, a baby cries – life happens and I put down the magazine, it makes its way onto a shelf never to be heard from again.

It’s such a shame… there are always so many great recipes, entertaining and decorating ideas, and endless craft and organization tips.  But what usually happens with all of this fabulous inspiration?  It sparks an idea, inspires me to create something fun and new but as soon as I close the magazine the idea begins to fade.  Then, when I actually find the time to work on my next great project I spend an hour searching for a single page on a shelf full of magazines because I can’t remember if it was the June 2012 or the March 2010 issue I was looking for.

To combat this conundrum I came up with this super simple way to organize your inspiration:

Organizing Your Inspiration {Clueless Chick Style}

1.  Find your favorite magazine or catalog 

2.  Tear out your favorite pages (the ones that inspire you to cook, clean or create!)

3.  Organize your pages by category

4.  Store your pages in an accordion folder, file folders, whatever you have handy 
(or one up the Clueless Chick and digitize them!) 

5.  Create!  Here I turned one of my favorite inspirations from the Sept/Oct 2010 issue 
of Semi-Homemade Magazine into one of my most popular favors! 

P.S.  Finding inspiration is the easy part, it's the execution that gets tricky.  So don’t forget to have fun with it!  Forget the pressure of being perfect and put your personal spin on it.

Organizing Your Inspiration {Clueless Chick Style}
1.  Find your favorite magazine or catalog
2.  Tear out your favorite pages (the ones that inspire you to cook, clean or create!)
3.  Organize your pages by category
4.  Store your pages in an accordion folder, file folders, whatever you have handy (or one up the Clueless Chick and digitize them!)
5.  Create!  Turn your favorite Valentine’s Day craft idea into gifts for your girlfriends.
6.  Pin the heck out of your awesome creation!

Now go get inspired!  Don't forget to share your amazing creations with us - your reorganized pantry, yummy cheese cake or homemade play doh

Until next time,
aka Chick #1