Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tips for Pulling off the Perfect April Fools’ Day

Well, today is April Fools’ Day.  Are you looking for a fun way to fake someone out?  Today I shared some of my favorite and harmless April Fools' Day pranks with Page Crawford on WNCN Today.  Some of these tips are even easy enough to pull off at the office today!

·      Fool Their Taste Buds
o   Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Have a little fun with your family or co-workers this April Fools’ Day by making some April Fools’ Day ‘Chocolate Chip’ Cookies.  These yummy little bites may look just like Chocolate Chip Cookies but they are really Mashed Potatoes & Black Beans!
April Fools’ Day Chocolate Chip Cookies
§  Make your favorite mashed potatoes (leave out any colored spices such as pepper)
§  Rinse and dry a can of black beans
§  Gently mix black beans into your mashed potatoes and drop onto a cookie sheet, flatten slightly
§  Bake 'cookies' at 350F for 10-15 min or until firm
Serve the cookies to your favorite cookie lover and enjoy their reaction but watch out for any retaliation :-)

·      Fun at the Office
o   Mirror out of Order. When you get to the office this morning print a sign that says:
Mirror out of Order. 
 Please do not use!
      Thank you,
  The Management
Tape the sign to the bathroom mirror and enjoy the hilarity that ensues.
Tip: Tape a “Please Use Other Door” sign to the only door into the break room.

o   Broken Mouse. Tape a piece of paper that says Ha Ha! to the bottom of your co-workers computer mouse to prevent it from working.  They will spend a minute shaking the mouse around the mouse pad before turning it over to find your note.

o   Ruined Laptop.  Fool your co-workers into thinking something has spilled on their keyboard.  All you need is a piece of tinfoil and Elmer’s glue.  Place the tin foil on a flat surface and draw a small spill with your glue.  Allow the glue spill to dry for a few hours and you have perfect fake spill to place on your officemate’s laptop keyboard after lunch.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate April Fools’ Day, just watch your back… ;-)

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Tune in next week for help prepping for Administrative Assistant’s Day!

Until next time,
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