Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Week of Boppy Giveaways!

Who is excited about a week full of Boppy giveaways?!?!  This Chick sure is :-)  That's right, beginning Monday 4/28/14 we will be giving away some of my favorite Boppy products EVERYDAY through Friday!

In honor of the All About Motherhood Expo in Raleigh, NC on May 3, 2014, Boppy has sent me their most popular products to give to you!!  Added bonus - if you're attending the All About Motherhood Expo in person (admission is FREE) you'll have even more chances to win these and other fabulous Boppy items.

Oh!  Did I mention that I am the keynote speaker at the All About Motherhood Expo?  So you just have to stop by ;-)

Stay tuned for all of the entry details..... I know, the suspense is killing you ;-)

  • BONUS:
    • A Boppy Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Liner for those endless diaper changes.

Check back for all of the nitty gritty details and don't forget to register for FREE to visit me in person and pick up another special gift at the All About Motherhood Expo in Raleigh, NC on Saturday May 3, 2014!

And our Week of Boppy Giveaway winners are......

Congratulations everyone!!

Until next time,
aka Chick #1

p.s. A HUGE Clueless Chick thank you to Boppy for all of the wonderful giveaways!!  There's nothing I love more than giving away my favorite products.  Did I mention that I'm still holding onto my 5 year old Boppys? ;-)


  1. Was there really only one entry for Monday?? So bummed I missed this great giveaway!

    1. There's still time for our Day 2 giveaway!