Saturday, April 2, 2016

Final Four Fun!

This weekend we will all be watching the Final Four, which in our neck of the woods might as well be the Super Bowl, so I have shared some of my favorite DIY basketball theme party planning tips on My Carolina Talk! Now watching the Final Four will be even more fun, even for non-basketball fans (not that we know any of those!).

·      Fun with Food
o   Basketball Cookies. If you have a little time and cake decorating gel you can easily make your own basketball cookies! Simply grab your favorite round cookies (vanilla wafers are ideal) and draw a line down the center and semi-circle on each side. You can use the traditional black, white or even your favorite team’s colors. If you are feeling a little more creative, you can also bake cupcakes and decorate them the same way!

o   Cheesy Free Throws. When you are setting your Final Four menu, have some fun with basketball puns! Pick up your favorite cheese balls, which look just like mini basketballs, serve them in individual cups labeled ‘Free Throws’.

·      Simply Free Decorations
o   Center Court Centerpiece.  Creating a Center Court Centerpiece is as easy as repurposing a few items you already have around your house! A vase, basketball net and basketball make the perfect, free, centerpiece for your food table. Just make sure no one is planning to shoot hoops during half time, they may miss the basketball ;-)

TIP: For just a few dollars you can also pick up some basketball plates or a basketball court tablecloth. If you cant find basketball decorations, simply use your favorite teams colors.

·      Creative Koozies
o   Sweatband Drink Wraps. Instead of buying basketball themed koozies, you can save a few dollars and bring back fun memories of your childhood by picking up a few generic sweatbands to use as a koozie alternative. These bands are not only cool and can be worn on your next date night, they are perfect for keeping your hands dry when carrying around a can or bottle.

No matter how much effort you put into watching the Final Four, I hope you enjoy a little Final Four Fun!

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Until next time,
aka Chick #1