Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips for Pampering Your Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 23rd and anyone who has an assistant or receptionist knows how well deserved that day is!  Since you can’t very well ask for your Assistant’s help, I shared some of my favorite gift ideas with Page Crawford on WNCN Today:

·      A Day of Pampering
o   The Umstead Spa.  Thank your assistant for all of her hard work throughout the year with a gift certificate to The Umstead Spa!  Nothing says ‘thank you’ like this little slice of heaven where she can get a massage, pedicure, or even have a fabulous dinner out or afternoon tea.  The beauty of a gift certificate to TheUmstead Spa is that is can be used anywhere on their property and no matter how she chooses to use it she will feel like a Queen.

·      A Beautiful Evening Off
o   Dinner and Flowers. Give your assistant the evening off by picking up a pre-made dinner and brighten her day with a beautiful bouquet from Whole Foods Cary.  That’s right, one trip to Whole Foods is all you’ll need.  You can even call ahead have a custom bouquet and dinner ready for you to pick up on the way to the office.  For those of us who may not remember to plan ahead, they open at 7:30am so you can stop by on the way to work, they always have numerous meals to choose from including a ½ Rotisserie Chicken on a bed of Veggies for just $6.99. TIP: This beautiful custom bouquet from Whole Foods Cary is $75 and is perfect for a BIG thank you from your whole team.  You can also pick up a super cute mason jar bouquet for just $14.99.  Your meal options are nearly endless from wonderful meatless meals to a beautiful Pork Loin Dinner with rice, beans, grilled veggies and a salad for $16.99.

·      The Perfect Cup of Tea
o   Tin RoofTeas.  If your assistant loves tea, stop by Tin Roof Teas in Cameron Village for the perfect gift basket.  With over 250 loose leaf teas to choose from, you may get lost in the amazing aromas.  They have every hot and cold tea accessory you can think of including local honey and tea infused chocolates!  A Leaf Glass Tea Mug with Loose Tea Infuser and Lid along with a few delicious varieties of loose leaf teas is a fabulous way to thank any tea lover.  TIP:  Don’t forget to pick up a little tea for yourself, my favorite is Persephone’s Temptation, a fruity green tea.

No matter how you decide to thank your Assistant, with an overflowing gift basket or a sweet card, don’t forget to say thank you on April 23rd!

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Tune in next week for ideas for fun and easy Easter crafts.

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