Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is a holiday that can be tough to decorate for.  After all, it is smack dab in the middle of two of the easiest holidays to decorate for – Halloween and Christmas.  Today I shared some of my favorite DIY Thanksgiving decorations with Page Crawford on WNCN Today.  Decorating for Thanksgiving can be easier than you think, even if you aren't terribly crafty.

     Repurposing Halloween.  
o   Turkey Toes.  Most of us usually overbuy Halloween candy, so why not put it to good use?  Take your leftover candy corn, place it in a small bag, add a “Turkey Toes” tag and you have the perfect Thanksgiving favor for all of your dinner guests.  TIP:  These also make the perfect holiday treat for all of the kids at school or everyone in your office.

o   Pumpkin Place Cards.  Did you buy a few adorable mini pumpkins for Halloween?  Don’t throw them away!  Simply add a name tag and a few decorative leaves and you have an adorable Thanksgiving Place Card.  TIP:  Buy a variety of shapes and sizes to create a mini pumpkin family.

     Thanksgiving Centerpiece.
o   Simply Festive Candles.  Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around the dinner table, so why not focus your decorating energies there.  You really don’t have to get fancy or spend much money to create a fun and festive centerpiece.  Simply take a hurricane (or any large candle holder), fill it with popcorn and add a candle.  Voila!  You can even add a few leaves from your yard for a little extra color.  TIP:  Turn this into a fun family activity by having your little ones search for the perfect leaves.

     Table Entertainment.  
o   Personalized Placemats.  To keep your little Thanksgiving guests entertained during dinner, create personalized coloring placemats!  Simply pick your favorite coloring pages from www.TwistyNoodle.com and print them on cardstock for the perfect placemat, just add crayons.  TIP:  If you are extra crafty laminate each placemat so that they can be re-used all Fall.

If you are worried about having little ones color at the dinner table, or Uncle Bob spilling cranberry sauce on your lace tablecloth, forget the tablecloth and use kraft paper!  If you don’t have a large roll of kraft paper get creative and create a patchwork table covering with paper grocery bags.  You can’t beat a free, recyclable tablecloth!

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