Friday, May 31, 2013

What to Do When Preparing for Baby #2

Big Brother To Be! 

When we found out we were expecting our second baby we were elated. It was especially exciting to tell our little boy, but given that he was 1 at the time, we might as well have told him we just purchased a new blender. That didn't, however, stop me from purchasing every "Big Brother" t-shirt I could find. In fact, that is how we announced our pregnancy to the world.  Doesn't he look excited?

From day one, it was very important to us that we include our oldest son in the pregnancy. After all, the arrival of his little brother would have a significant impact on his life. Beyond the obvious changes of moving into a big boy bed, in a big boy room, he would have to adjust to sharing our attention, dealing with two exhausted parents who had been up all night with a newborn, etc. etc. So, we made it our goal to make our little man part of the process and I will tell you, it really paid off.

One of the most touching days I have had as a mother was the day we took my then 18-month-old with us to our 3-D ultrasound. We were reading him books about new babies, and talking to him about the baby in Mama's belly, but watching his face light up when he saw images of his little brother was nothing short of amazing. He would point at the ultrasound screen and say "baby!" and then point to my belly and say "baby!" It was such a special day.
Even if you think your toddler is too young to understand what is going on, chances are he or she can at least sense that there are major changes in the air. You can talk with older children, ages 5 to10, about what exactly is happening and what they should expect when the baby arrives. For a little one under 4, you have to get creative, and believe me, a little prep work goes a LONG way.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ready or not...

Summer is here! 

It may not feel like summer just yet, but Memorial Day has passed, the pools have opened and it’s time to start dreaming about a trip to the beach or a weekend on the lake. Or maybe you’re more like me - a tad bit dreadful of swimsuit I sit here snacking on a bag of chips (he, he) What can I say, it was a moment of weakness and I swear I’ve been good all week - I even started taking a pilates class! We all need to give in every once in awhile (or at least this Chick does!).  I just have to make sure that one slip up doesn't turn into two...  In the spirit of salvaging my week, I’ll be turning to my Fresh Fruit Pinboard for healthy inspiration. Some Fresh Fruit Kabobs and Fruit Desserts are definitely in order!

Once I’ve got my healthy eating habits back on track it’s time to start planning for Father’s Day! After the wonderful Mother’s Day my boys gave me, complete with an afternoon at a food truck rally, I’ve got some work to do. This adorable card looks fun and easy to make with the little ones and these Bacon Crackers look particularly yummy. We'll just have to see how crafty I can get this year.  Since I don’t have a little girl, I can’t get my FAVORITE Father’s Day surprise - a custom dress from Little Grey Line made out of Daddy’s old dress shirt. Have you ever seen anything so precious?!?

I hope you have a wonderful June, filled with celebrating your hubby, dad, grandfather, brother or your best friend.  Spend as much time as possible outside for before the weather gets too hot to enjoy and before the craziness of summer settles in.  And don’t forget your sunscreen ;-)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pully Palz {Win it before you can buy it!}

Our new friends: Pully Palz!

I am soooo excited to introduce MoMo the Monkey, Puddles the Frog and MooMoo the Cow aka Pully Palz.  These adorable little guys attach to your infant carrier, bouncy seat, stroller, etc. and hold your little one's favorite pacifier!  That's right, no more fumbling around trying to find a missing paci.

 Not only can your little one reach up and grab her own pacifier, there is no need to worry that a paci will hit the floor or get lost in the infant carrier.

You'll even be able to catch Pully Palz in action on my upcoming Tips for Traveling with Your Baby series.  MooMoo was a huge hit on set.
Jennifer on set at 

What's even more exciting than a cool new mom-invented product that will make your life easier?  How about winning one of our Pully Palz friends before you can buy it?!  These adorably functional toys will be available in stores soon and one lucky Chick will win one before they are released:

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Good Luck!

Note: Not recommended for use in a car

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Little Shortcake Co-ed Baby Shower

Thanks Page Crawford and the whole NBC17 Today gang for having us!

Is Daddy-to-be feeling a little left out of the baby excitement? Why not include him by
throwing a Casual Co-ed Baby Shower! This fun twist on a traditional baby shower will be
a hit with all of your guests, but most importantly Mommy and Daddy can share in the
excitement together.  Yesterday, I shared some of my favorite co-ed baby shower tips with Page Crawford on NBC17 Today.

Who wouldn't want to attend this shower?!

By skipping traditional shower games and activities, your guests will have more time to
hang out and enjoy a fabulous party. So what do you do if you are not going to play Baby
Food Taste Test (which really should never be played again at any shower, ever)? There
are plenty of options! If the weather is warm, take a party outside and play a few lawn
games like corn hole or ladder ball. If daddy-to-be is game, put him on the spot and have
him explain how each gift they are opening will be used. You’re bound to get fabulous
explanations like “this is one of those cloth diaper things” when they unwrap a swaddler.

When you’re planning your co-ed shower menu, don’t forget that the guys likely prefer pigs
in a blanket to petit fours. So throw in a few snacks and finger foods usually reserved for
tailgates or your Super Bowl party and everyone will be pleased!

French Fry Boxes:  the perfectly easy DIY snack food box

Most importantly, take Mommy and Daddy’s style into consideration when picking your
theme, menu and decorations and add your own personal touch.

Lonerider Beer and an 'I'm the Daddy' hat from DaddyScrubs

Some of my FAVORITE baby gifts and Daddy-to-be Must Haves:
Thanks TOMY, Lonerider and DaddyScrubs for all of the goodies for our special guests!

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For more must have tips for your next baby shower, pick up a copy of Party Planning Tips for the Clueless Chick.