Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personalize Your Holiday Party

Throwing a holiday party is always fun, but the pressure to throw a party that is more fun than last year and doesn’t feel like every other holiday party on the block can be overwhelming.  Enter moi!  Today on Good Day Carolinas I shared some fun new ideas to personalize your party:

Milk and Cookies with a Holiday Twist
o   Eggnog Toast.  Who doesn’t like milk and cookies?  Doesn’t just the thought of them bring back wonderful childhood memories? Put a fun holiday twist on the traditional and serve your guest champagne glasses filled with eggnog and topped with a gingerbread cookie!  Honestly, it is the perfect holiday treat that your guests will be raving about for months.

Put a Holiday Spin on Silverware and Wineglasses
o   Festive Organization.  Your buffet line will move quicker if you wrap your silverware together so that guests can simply grab and go.  So why not throw in a bit of extra holiday flare by setting out your silverware in mini stockings.  If you are hosting a plated dinner, you can even personalize the stockings for each guest as a place card/keepsake.  And wouldn’t it be fun to hide a little piece of chocolate inside the stocking?!

o   Decorative Glass Markers.  Let’s be honest, you’re sick of using the same old wine glass markers and the thought of spending $20-50 on a new set is just irritating. Here’s an idea – why not repurpose holiday window clings?  Those gel window clings you see at the store for $1-2 make the perfect stay-put wine glass marker and for just a few bucks you can have more than you’ll ever need.  You can have fun by decorating each glass before guests arrive, or let them get creative and pick their own designs.

Hot Chocolate Bar.  Need I say more?
o   A Chocolaty Buffet.  Serving Hot Chocolate at your holiday party is always a fun way to warm up guests on a cold night.  Go the extra mile and create a fun Hot Chocolate Bar for your guests to enjoy!  Set out individual hot coco packets, or a crockpot of coco along with all of the fixing – whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes, peppermint bark, etc. etc.  This is also a very easy treat to set up in the break room at the office for your co-workers.

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