Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Perfect Hostess Gift

If you are going to a holiday party this weekend, or staying with a friend of a few days, don’t forget to take a Hostess Gift with you so that you’re sure to be invited back next year.  I shared some fun and creative hostess gift idea with Page Crawford on Good Day Carolinas:

The Gift of Time
o   Dishes are on Me!   What could be better than giving your hostess the gift of time and dirty dish avoidance.  Wrap up a set of paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic silverware to give to your hostess so that the night after the party they won’t have to wash a single dish.  TIP:  This is also the perfect gift for new parents or a friend who has just moved!

Unsung Heroes, I Mean Hosts
o   Gifts for the Rest of the Family.  When you think of a hostess gift, chances are you are thinking of what you can buy for the lady of the house.  But what about the man of the house or their cute little toddler who surely had a lot to do with their party prep (or at least stayed out of the Hostess’ way as she frantically saw to all of the last minute details).  Pick up a Beer Tasting Kit for your beer loving host, or an adorably festive holiday barrette from Lilly Mac Creations for your littlest hostess.  These handmade barrettes are made by a NC mom and could not be any cuter!

Dress up a Bottle of Wine
o   Wine and Socks.  A bottle of wine is of course the most traditional of hostess gifts and for a wine lover it is the perfect choice.  But don’t show up with a naked bottle, dress it up!  Pick up a pair of Fun knee-high socks that your hostess will love, place the bottle inside one sock and use the other to tie a cute bow around the neck of the bottle.  It’s a cute, green, functional and FUN way to wrap!

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