Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Holiday Gifts

Holiday gift giving can be tough, picking out the right gift within your budget for your friends and family can be very time consuming.  And, it is officially last minute so you better get cracking!  Here are some sure-to-not-fail DIY holiday gifts you can put together yourself to make the process a bit more personalized:

Mason Jar Magic
o   A Jar Filled with Goodies.  When it comes to creative, reusable gift packaging, nothing beats a mason jar.  They are simply perfect.  Whether you are giving out homemade peppermint bark, store-bought cookies or a year supply of lip balm and lotion, a mason jar makes the perfect container.  Simply fill the jar with your chosen treat, twist on the top and add a cute bow.  It is simply magic.

Relaxation in a Bag
o   At Home Pamper Kit.  Give your overworked girlfriends the gift of a relaxing evening with a beautiful bottle of bubble bath and a comfy new nightshirt.  You can even add a few chocolates, a candle or a new pair of slippers.  The options are only limited by your budget, which makes this the perfect gift ideal for any budget!

Family Fun Night
o   Cookie Baking Kits.  If you are looking for a small gift the whole family can enjoy together, or you have a friend who loves to bake, create a cooking baking kit.  All you need is a cookie mix or recipe, decorations and a cute cookie cutter.  This gift is also perfect for any budget from $5 to $100 and will help the recipient make some fun holiday memories.  TIP:  This is also the perfect gift to send to family across the country that you won’t be able to spend the holidays with – it will give them a little taste of home.

Accessory Loving Wine Lady
o   Wine and Socks.  If you have a girlfriend or buddy who has a bit of a sock addiction, go ahead and feed it!  Find a nice bottle of wine and a pair of fun knee-high socks and wrap the bottle with the socks.  Simply place the bottle inside one sock and use the other to tie a cute bow around the neck of the bottle.  Your friend will think of you while they are enjoying the wine and every time they wear their new favorite socks.

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