Friday, December 26, 2014

New Years Party Tips

Throwing an awesome New Years bash at home is really quite simple with a few of my favorite tricks that I shared with Page Crawford on Good Day Carolinas:

Perfect Party Favors and Simple Decorations
o   Celebration in a Bottle.  The perfect way to ring in the New Year is by sending your guests home with a mini bottle of champagne.  These adorable favors can be found at your local wine store or ordered online and can be quite affordable if you are willing to settle for sparkling wine.  To dress up the bottle you can simply add a pretty ribbon or gift tag and you have the perfect New Years party favor.

o   Countdown to Decorations.  Don’t forget to literally ring in the New Year at your party.  Create a fun focal point near where you will be watching the countdown by setting out a number of clocks.  Set all of the clocks with alarms to go off at midnight.  The ringing of all of the bells simultaneously will get your crowd roaring!  Plus it will bring back fun memories of the opening scene of Back to the Future :-)

DIY Noise Makers
o   DIY Shakers.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on throwaway noisemakers this New Years, all you need are plastic containers and dry beans.  Here I’ve used old drink bottles that have been washed and dried then filled with dry beans.  To add a little decoration, I covered the bottles with black cardstock and added bright white ‘2015’ stickers.  Kids and adults alike will love using these simple shakers to make a little noise on New Years.

o   Countdown Balloons.  Another fun way to ring in the New Year is by popping confetti filled balloons!  All you will need are balloons, a permanent marker, a funnel and confetti. Use the funnel to fill each balloon with confetti and when the balloon is inflated use the permanent marker to write 2015 on it, or the hours leading up to the countdown if you plan to pop a balloon ever hour leading up to midnight.  Just be prepared to clean up the confetti! 

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