Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving can be a bit of a tough holiday to decorate for if you aren’t a big fan of turkeys.  But here with some amazingly simple and super yummy Thanksgiving craft ideas is Jennifer Durbin, author of the Tips for the Clueless Chick books:

A Surprisingly Economical Centerpiece
o   Festive Fall Centerpiece.  Many of us avoid centerpieces because they are either too labor intensive or expensive when in reality, it couldn’t be easier to throw together a simple Fall centerpiece perfect for your Thanksgiving table for under $5.  Yes, $5! First, grab a medium sized pumpkin from your Halloween stash.  Second, scour the pile of damaged merchandise at the craft store - I found a broken fall leaf spray for $1!  You can also find plate chargers at your local craft store for $1-2 which make the perfect base for your centerpiece.  Once you’ve arranged your broken leaves around your pumpkin, you can simply place your centerpiece on your table or add a small vase, mason jar or hurricane for a bit of height.

Sweet Ways to Give Thanks
o   Spread the Cookie Love.  Although Thanksgiving is not traditionally thought of as a gift-giving holiday, it is the perfect time to let those close to you know that you are thankful that they are in your life.  The perfect way to spread a little Thanksgiving cheer is of course with a bag of cookies.  A simply bag of homemade or store bought cookies will brighten anyone’s day and may even save the a little time in the kitchen come Thanksgiving.

o   The Perfect Turkey Leg.  When you set the table for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to put a turkey leg at each place.  A candy turkey leg that is!  Simply cut a brown paper lunch bag in half, fill the bottom half with candy (leftovers from Halloween is perfect), twist the top of the bag closed and add paper turkey feet (white paper folded in half, cut half way down in ¼ inch sections).  At dinner time let everyone rip right into their turkey leg.

o   Indian Corn.  This is quite possibly my new favorite craft because it is simple, amazingly festive and filled with the world’s perfect food – Reese’s!  All you need to make these yummy cobs of indian corn are Reese’s Pieces, cellophane pretzel bags, twist ties and a brown paper bag (I used the top pieces of the paper bags from my candy turkey legs!).  Fill your bags with Reese’s Pieces and secure with a twist tie. Take a small section of your paper bag (~6x3 inches) fold it in half and cut ¼ inch strips, leaving ~½ inch of uncut paper at the fold.  Then wrap your paper husk around the top of the bag and secure with tape.  You now have the perfect decoration for the table, place card, or gift for your co-workers.

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