Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Parent Gift Ideas!

When a friend or neighbor has a new baby at home it is nice to help out by bringing over dinner or running an errand for them.  After all, they are sleep-deprived zombies for the first month.  On WNCN Today this morning I shared some easy ideas for helping out new parents:

·      Dinner & Dishes
o   Warm and Serve Dinner. The first few weeks after baby is born can be quite crazy for mom and dad.  A great way to help them ease into parenthood is by taking over a premade dinner.  Whether you cook your favorite masterpiece for them or pick up a pre-made dish at the grocery store, your friends will be so appreciative that they don’t have to cook tonight (and maybe tomorrow!).  TIP: Be sure to ask about any family allergies or dietary restrictions before you start cooking!

o   No Dirty Dishes. Who ever likes to wash dishes, especially when you haven’t slept more than two straight hours?!  Save mom and dad some time and a lot of effort by bringing along paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils.  This could quite possibly be the gift they appreciate the most.
·      A Bountiful Basket
o   Snacks and Special Gifts.  When you think about taking food to new parents, don’t forget a few snacks.  While full dinners are fabulous, mom and dad also need a snack every once in a while, or a fresh piece of fruit.  And what better way to deliver these special treats than in baby basket with a few of your favorite gifts.  You can fill a Sara Bear Diaper Caddy with fruit, snacks and feeding essentials for baby: a Hooter Hider for the first few months, Spunis for the next few months and then my favorite NumNums Dips!  That is how you take feeding the whole family to the next level ;-) 

·      Perfectly Personalized
o   Birth Story Blanket. There is nothing sweeter than welcoming baby with a personalized gift she can cherish for years to come.  These personalized birth story blanket by Merle & Velma include all of baby’s special stats and will arrive in just a couple of weeks – perfect timing for newborn pictures or to decorate baby’s nursery.

Don’t forget to label any dishes you’d like mom and dad to return, or better yet, make the dish itself part of your gift so they don’t have to worry about returning it.

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