Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Planning a Poolside Dinner

Now that the pool has opened and swim team season is in full swing, many of you are trying to pull off a healthy dinner on the go, or at the pool between heats. This morning on WNCN Today #TipsonTues I shared some tips for your next poolside dinner with Page Crawford:

·      Pre-Practice Snacks
o   Feeding the Kids in the Car. When you are running from school to a swim meet it can be tough to fit in a healthy snack to keep your kids going.  An easy way to serve a light snack in the car ride is to pack grapes, crackers, and salami or goldfish and cheese.

o   Fruit on the Go. Packing your on the go fruit is even easier if you put some of your toddler snack tricks to work!  The Little Green Pouches you used for homemade baby food back in the day are also perfect for applesauce or yogurt on the go.  Plus, a reusable pouch will save you money since you can buy a big tub of applesauce instead of individual servings, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting a spoon.

·      Healthy and Hearty Dinners
o   Think Beyond the Sandwich. Dinner on the go does not have to mean a boring old sandwich.  Mix things up by making fun pita pockets or a chicken pasta salad.  A hearty pasta salad is even easier to make than you might think: 1. Make your favorite pasta, drain and rinse with cold water 2. Add chicken, broccoli, onions, peppers, carrots, cheese 3. Toss with Italian salad dressing and youve got a great on the go dinner.

o   Warm Wings.  Having a warm dinner at the pool does take a little extra planning, but isn’t impossible.  When you have a little extra time, maybe on Sunday night, whip up a batch of BBQ wings.  The night of the big swim meet or when you plan to spend the evening at the pool, throw the wings in the oven to warm them up, wrap the warmed wings in tinfoil and place them in a cooler or insulated lunch box.  They won’t be hot, but they will still be warm by the time you sit down to eat.

In a pinch, or during a crazy week, don’t forget that take out is your friend.  Put your favorite local restaurants on speed dial so that you can pick up dinner on your way to the pool.  Or, check to see if your favorite pizza place will deliver to your pool – the kid’s need to load up on the carbs for their meet, right? :-)

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Tune in next week for fun Father’s Day ideas!  

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