Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Perfect 4th of July

This Friday is the 4th of July, which means it is time to start planning for your cookout or pool party.  Today I shared some fun red, white, and blue decoration and patriotic sweet treats with Sharon Tazwell on WNCN Today:

·      Patriotic Sweet Treats
o   Red, White and Blue Cupcakes. Making a patriotic cupcake is easier than you might think - all you need is a little food coloring and fresh fruit.  Find your favorite white cake mix and add 6-8 drops of red food coloring.  Once you’ve baked your cupcakes, frost them with vanilla icing and top with fresh blueberries.  Not only are these the perfect patriotic cupcakes, they have the added twist of fresh fruit!

o   Krispy Flag Treats. Dress up your favorite rice krispy treats with, you guessed it, some food coloring!  You can easily turn rice krispy treats into a patriotic treat by dividing up your marshmallows into 3 parts and add red and blue food coloring to two.  Once your color is well mixed and you’ve added your rice krispies, place each color side by side in a buttered dish and press together.  After the krispy treats have cooled cut them into patriotic treats.

·      Festive Decorations
o   Flip Flop Wreath.  With a few dollar store flip flops, a little ribbon and your trusty hot glue gun you can make the perfect flip flop wreath:
1.     Arrange 5-6 individual flip flops on your craft table, toe to heel in the shape of a wreath.
2.     Use your hot glue gun to glue each flip flop together, gluing the toe on top of the heel in front of it.
3.     Decorate the top of your wreath with a coordinating bow.
4.     Attach a nice ribbon to the back of your wreath by which you can hang it on the door.
A flip flop wreath is the perfect decoration for your front door all summer long and can also be hung on the wall behind your food table as a beautiful party decoration.

o   Well Placed Paper Products.  When it comes to buying paper goods for your party, you can easily spend a pretty penny on 4th of July themed serving pieces.  This year, save yourself some money buy purchasing solid color plates and cups and mix in a few flag napkins from CelebrateExpress.com and you’ve got yourself a party on a budget!

·      Dress Up Your Drinks
o   Fruity Ice. Add a little festive flair to your drinks by freezing raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in ice.  These fruity ice cubes will keep your drinks cold and add a fresh fruit flavor once they melt.  Tip:  If you are serving a fruity summer sangria, freeze your fruit in wine filled ice cubes so they don’t water down your drinks!

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Tune in next week for fun soccer themed party ideas on #TipsonTues!

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p.s. A big Clueless Chick thank you to CelebrateExpress.com for the awesome props! 

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