Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father’s Day Favorites

Father’s Day is this weekend and we all know that dad doesn’t need another tie.  So what should you give him?  This morning on WNCN Today I showed Page Crawford some of my favorite fun ideas for dad on Father’s Day:

·      A Forever Candy Jar
o   Love You to Pieces. Show dad you love him with a forever candy jar. For your Reeses Pieces loving dad, find a glass jar and use alphabet stickers to write “Love You to Pieces” on the side of the jar.  Before giving the jar to dad, be sure to fill it to the brim with Reeses Pieces and throw in a backup bag just in case.  When dad polishes off all of the candy he’ll be able to refill the jar with anything he likes.

·      The Bouquet Dad Really Wants
o   Candy Bouquet. Dad is always getting mom a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day so why not make dad a bouquet?  Now, don’t just make dad any old bouquet, make one with all of his favorite candy!  Simply fill a flowerpot, bucket or can with floral foam and insert candy.  You can turn any candy into a “flower” with a bamboo skewer or lollipop stick and tape or a hot glue gun.  Tape dad’s favorite candy bars to bamboo skewers, or use a hot glue gun to attach truffles to the top of lollipop sticks and arrange them like flowers in your floral foam.  Use small candy, like Kisses, at the base of your arrangement for added yumminess.

·      A Gift Dad will LOVE
o   A Bucket of Beer.  Make dad extra happy with a bucket full of his favorite beers and a gift certificate to his favorite beer shop or brewery for Father’s Day. You can even add a little extra flair with pretzel filled tasting glasses from Bottle Revolution.

Today, I also said goodbye to Page :-( who will be moving to Charlotte to host the Fox morning show, Rising.  While I am beyond thrilled for Page, #TipsonTues just won't be the same without her.  Lucky, I'm not the only one who will be missing Page!  I had the privilege of surprising her this morning with farewell gifts from our good friend Holly Aiken and the wonderful folks at PDQ, plus some awesome tasting glasses from Bottle Revolution for her hubby:

Have fun getting a little crafty for dad this Father’s Day!

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Tune in next week for fun ideas for your next family movie night!  

Until next time,
aka Chick #1

p.s. A BIG Clueless Chick thank you to Holly Aiken, PDQ and Bottle Revolution!

p.p.s. PDQ is offering all dads a FREE meal on Father's Day with the purchase of a kid's meal - you can't beat that :-)

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