Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hosting a Stress-Free Memorial Day Cookout

Hosting a MemorialDay Cookout need not take a lot of prep time or cost a pretty penny, all you need are a few tips from yours truly to pull off a fabulous cookout which will last well into the night. This morning on WNCN Today I showed Page some of my favorite simple (and inexpensive) tips:

·      Feeding a Crowd
o   A Safe Way to Serve Salad. Are you worried about leaving your tossed salad in the backyard during the cookout?  Well, worry no more.  To protect your salad from the heat and pesky bugs, simply layer all of your salad ingredients in Mason Jars and place all of your jars in a tub of ice. This will protect your salad from the heat and bugs and acts as the perfect grab and go snack. TIP: Mason Jars are also the perfect way to serve mixed grownup drinks.

o   Burger Prep Tips. A good burger is a must at your Memorial Day cookout, but spending all day prepping doesn’t have to be.  Save yourself time the day of the cookout by making your patties a day or two before the party.  Simply mix in your spices, form your burger patties and store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator until it is time to throw them on the grill.  TIP:  Mix in bacon, cheese or a few jalapenos for a little kick.

·      Fun in the Sun
o   Sun Fun Must Haves. Pamper your guests with a few fun in the sun must haves.  Throw together a basket full of dollar store flip-flops and sunscreen to keep on the deck for all of your guests to use. TIP: Flip-flops are also a fun party favor to send home with your guests.

·      Fun After Dark
o   Light up the Night.  There is no reason to end your cookout when the sun goes down!  You can easily light up your picnic table with a dollar store tap light.  These cute star shaped lights aren’t just for your closet!  Another fun way to light up the night is with glow bracelets.  You can also find these little beauties at the dollar store and they are a perfect way to keep track of the kids running around the yard.

Raiding your local dollar store is the perfect way to accessorize your Memorial Day Cookout without breaking the bank.

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Tune in next week to find out how to celebrate National Rocky Road Day!

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