Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Gear that Grows with You

Having little ones is an expensive endeavor no matter how you slice it so I've compiled a few of my favorite tips for stretching your dollar farther by buying gear that will grow with your child, and I shared those tips on today's WNCN #TipsonTues segment with Page Crawford:

·      Convertible Gear
o   A Versatile Highchair. A highchair is one piece of baby gear you probably can’t live without but it can be painful buying an expensive highchair you know you won’t use for very long.  Enter the convertible highchair.  When you are shopping for a highchair, make sure you pick one that you will be able to use as your baby grows.  Some highchairs recline so that you can use them when your baby is just a few months old, and others like the Nuna ZAAZ can transform from a traditional highchair to a one which can be pulled up to the table and ultimately a stylish adult chair. TIP: If you have a built-in desk in your kitchen the ZAAZ will fit perfectly there when your child has outgrown the highchair.

·      A Potty Training Must
o   Consolidating Potty Training Gear. Potty training is quite an adventure in and of itself and when you start looking into potty training gear you will find that you “need” everything from a training potty to a stool and training seat for the big boy/big girl potty.  If you want to save yourself some money and a LOT of hassle (not to mention mess…) find a training toilet seat for your bathrooms.  These traditional Next Steps toilet seats come with a toddler-size insert that your little one can use.  The beauty of these toilet seats is that the toddler seat is hidden in the seat lid when not in use.  Then when your child gets big enough, you can simply pop out the training seat!

·      Gear You can use for Years
o   A Diaper/Laptop Bag.  Diaper bags are another baby gear item that can be quite an investment.  Sure they are cute and functional, but what do you do with that cute $200 bag when your little one is out of diapers?  Well, you carry it of course!  When you are shopping for a diaper bag, be sure to pick one that will be useable as more than just a diaper bag.  Perhaps one with a pocket just the right size for your laptop, or one that can be used as you carryon when you fly.  TIP:  When your shopping for a diaper bag don’t limit yourself to diaper bags – messenger bags and laptop bags can function just as well for you and baby!

Bottom line, when you are buying baby gear spend your money wisely.  Look for gear that will serve multiple purposes and grow with your family.

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