Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maternity Slacks that Suit Your Belly!

Finally, maternity suits that really do suit your belly!  This fabulous maternity wear from Suits your Belly is perfect for the professional mama-to-be.

You've often heard me warn every mommy-to-be to not purchase too many pieces of maternity wear too soon.  The reason: you never know if you'll carry the baby high or low, gain weight all over or be all belly.  I rushed to buy too many maternity outfits out of pure excitement and ended up only wearing half of them because I quickly discovered that a full belly panel was the only thing that was going to fit over this BIG belly :-)

Well, problem solved.  Suits Your Belly has created the perfect solution - pants with a patented Zip in Panel that gives you the versatility of dress pants that will take you from the beginning of your pregnancy to your first few weeks back after maternity leave.

What I love most about these pants is that they are perfect for everyone and every stage of your pregnancy.  

     From 14 weeks:

     To 34 weeks:

Save yourself a lot of money and the headache of growing out of your maternity clothes and pick of a few pair of Suits Your Belly maternity pants.  After all, the only thing worse feeling like a beached whale at 36 weeks is discovering that you can no longer even fit into your maternity slacks.

Enter to win a pair of these fabulous pants today!

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