Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Little Shortcake Co-ed Baby Shower

Thanks Page Crawford and the whole NBC17 Today gang for having us!

Is Daddy-to-be feeling a little left out of the baby excitement? Why not include him by
throwing a Casual Co-ed Baby Shower! This fun twist on a traditional baby shower will be
a hit with all of your guests, but most importantly Mommy and Daddy can share in the
excitement together.  Yesterday, I shared some of my favorite co-ed baby shower tips with Page Crawford on NBC17 Today.

Who wouldn't want to attend this shower?!

By skipping traditional shower games and activities, your guests will have more time to
hang out and enjoy a fabulous party. So what do you do if you are not going to play Baby
Food Taste Test (which really should never be played again at any shower, ever)? There
are plenty of options! If the weather is warm, take a party outside and play a few lawn
games like corn hole or ladder ball. If daddy-to-be is game, put him on the spot and have
him explain how each gift they are opening will be used. You’re bound to get fabulous
explanations like “this is one of those cloth diaper things” when they unwrap a swaddler.

When you’re planning your co-ed shower menu, don’t forget that the guys likely prefer pigs
in a blanket to petit fours. So throw in a few snacks and finger foods usually reserved for
tailgates or your Super Bowl party and everyone will be pleased!

French Fry Boxes:  the perfectly easy DIY snack food box

Most importantly, take Mommy and Daddy’s style into consideration when picking your
theme, menu and decorations and add your own personal touch.

Lonerider Beer and an 'I'm the Daddy' hat from DaddyScrubs

Some of my FAVORITE baby gifts and Daddy-to-be Must Haves:
Thanks TOMY, Lonerider and DaddyScrubs for all of the goodies for our special guests!

Until next time,
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For more must have tips for your next baby shower, pick up a copy of Party Planning Tips for the Clueless Chick.

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