Thursday, April 25, 2013

Howcast Traveling with Baby Filming

On Friday April 19, 2013 I hit another awesome milestone - filming how to videos (43 of them to be exact) for Howcast, the #1 YouTube channel!

I really cannot tell you what an honor it was to be cast as the expert on Traveling with Baby.  I also cannot tell you how much work this wonderful honor would entail.  Not only would I be filming 43 how to videos (yes FORTY-THREE) on topic they selected, I had to rough out the content for each segment, get my hands on the best props available and get my tail up to NYC!

It's no secret that I love being in front of the camera, in fact the past 5 months since my first appearance on My Carolina Today have been exhilarating to say the least.  But, I had not idea what I was in for signing up for 8 straight hours of filming - the pressure of bringing my A game for each and every segment, not forgetting to mention anything, all while under the hot lights of the studio in my oh so typically too high heels (which yes by the end of the day became flip flops).  But OMG was it fun!  Working with the team from, especially JR and Andy who were sooo patient with me, was such a pleasure.  I can't wait to do it again

Check out my crazy day:

All set and ready to go!  This was the main set for nearly 25 of the segments we taped.  I'm still bummed that you won't see my fabulous shoes in any of the videos ;-)

I was fortunate enough to have a number of fabulous, Clueless Chick approved, products to showcase in each segment.  A HUGE thank you to:

Here I am studying my notes between takes.  43 segments worth of material is a lot to memorize, even if I did write it myself. Luckily there were only a few times we had to rerun a segment.  Again my TypeA/OCD over researching personality comes in handy.

I love this Behind the scenes shot where you can see the whole set, and the camera man's view.  That's an awfully close shot so let's hope my make up looks good!
Jennifer and Jennifer :-)

Here I am demonstrating my favorite new toy, which has yet to hit the market - Pully Palz!

A few of the guys from FuseTV stopped by to watch the taping of a few segments.  I know they were there mainly to check out the equipment, but what an honor!  One of the guys even said "your voice is so soothing, you're really great at this".  Yes, I will be quoting my new best friend for years to come :-) I was so thrilled that they were happy to take a quick picture with me.
Jennifer and the guys from FuseTV

The amazing Camera Man and Director.  I would not have made it through 8 hours (yes EIGHT) of filming without Andy and JR.  I can't wait to see their fabulous work!  Oh yeah, that's Baby Falafel in JR's hand - we couldn't have done this without her.
Andy, Jennifer and JR (with Baby Falafel) 

A behind the scenes look at what I mess I made under the table during the second part of our taping :-)
Jennifer and her mess

Stay tuned for updates on the Traveling with Baby video release dates!

Until next time,
aka Chick #1

P.S.  all of these fabulous pictures are courtesy of Brandy, who you will likely never see in front of the camera no matter how much fun I tell her it is ;-)

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