Sunday, March 10, 2013

Decoration Double Duty

Make your decorations work for you!  Instead of spending all sorts of money on cheesy decorations that you will use once and throw out, repurpose items you already have around the house.  Or, incorporate your gifts into the decor.

We’ve all seen pictures of a baby shower with adorable clothes lines filled with cute little onesies and socks - that is exactly what I’m talking about.  Not only do the clothes lines serve as adorable decorations, they are also filled with baby clothes for the Mommy-to-be to take home!  You can put an even greener and budget-friendly twist on your clothesline and use it to display the gently used hand me downs you’ll be passing down to the Mommy-to-be.

1. The classic clothesline baby shower decorations:

2. Gifts (like these adorable ducky bath toys) make adorable serving pieces. Just remember to wash them before (and after!) you use them:

3. Favors (like these adorable ice cream cone bubbles) are the perfect decorations for your food table:

4. Larger gifts (such as this adorable bathtub kneepad) are ideal centerpieces:

And don’t forget about your own little one’s toys - borrow your son’s dump truck to use as a chip bowl, or use his teddy bears as a centerpiece.  Use your imagination and have fun with it!

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