Monday, December 5, 2011

Casual Co-ed Baby Shower

Is Daddy-to-be feeling a little left out of the baby excitement?  Why not include him by throwing a Casual Co-ed Baby Shower!  This fun twist on a traditional baby shower was a hit with all of the guests, but most importantly Mommy and Daddy loved it.  By skipping traditional shower games and activities, guests have more time to hang out and enjoy a fabulous party.

  • Backyard games – Ladder Ball, Frisbee and Kubb
Decorations and Favors:
  • “Pick Your Side” Gummie Bear & Red Vine favors inspired by the couple’s Boston Red Sox & NY Yankees Cookie wedding favors
  • Fresh flowers, potted flowers and decorative flower pots in honor of baby “Clover”
  • Individually potted flowers in Pet Pots adorned with “Plant this flower before the day is over in honor of baby ‘Clover’” favor tags
  • Oreo cake with milk, chocolate milk and soy milk served in small wide-mouth mason jars for easy dunking
  • Grilled chicken and asparagus
  • Grilled steak and potatoes
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Black Bean salad
  • Fresh salsa and guacamole
  • The Mommy-to-be’s favorite cupcakes

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