Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beach Monkey 1st Birthday Party

What 1 year old doesn’t like monkeys?!  This Beach Monkey 1st Birthday Party was a huge hit.  From the beach ball pit, yummy mini cupcakes, custom decorations, to the personalized beach bucket favors, there wasn’t a single detail of this 1st Birthday party that was overlooked.

  • Inflatable kiddie pool filled with small beach monkey beach balls – a fun alternative to a traditional ball pit
  • Art center filled with coloring books and materials to make handprint Christmas tree ornaments
Decorations and Favors:
  • Beach blanket table cloths
  • Custom “Happy Birthday” sign
  • Custom cupcake toppers
  • Personalized beach buckets for each guest filled with a shovel, happy birthday rubber duckies and beach monkey crayon sets
  • Toddler friendly snacks – snack cups filled with Cheddar Bunnies/Cherrios/Animal Crackers, apple sauce, individual milk cartons and plenty of sippy cups and toddler spoons
  • Finger sandwiches, veggie and fruit trays, etc. for moms and dads
  • Mini cupcakes

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