Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun and Easy Memorial Day Cookout

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner I spent the morning at My Carolina Today sharing some easy ways to keep all of the neighborhood kids entertained and simple tips for making setup and cleanup easier on you so that you too can enjoy your cookout.

Simple Setup Tips
·      Chalk up Your Hard Work: Skip countless rounds of 20 Questions about your beautiful buffet by writing your menu and suggested burger topping combinations on a small chalkboard. This is a quick, easy and a rustic centerpiece for your food table and a fun way to display your menu.

Quick Clean Up
·      Minimize the Mess: The best way to make your cookout cleanup easier is to avoid messes in the first place. If you're planning to throw a few dogs on the grill, don't forget your coffee filters. Yep, coffee filters! Believe it or not, your plain old coffee filters make the perfect hot dog holders and will help minimize the mess made when they are piled high with toppings.

Entertaining a Crowd
·      A Cool Crowd Pleaser: A water bucket full of water guns is the perfect way to keep everyone cool and entertained. Simply fill a bucket with water, drop in your water guns and let them fill and refill themselves. A bucket of water is also a lot less messy than using a water hose!

·      Gear for the Cool Kids: When you are planning activities for your cookout, don’t forget a fun and patriotic craft or two like DIY Patriotic Hair Clip. All you need are barrettes, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Simply tie your ribbon into a bow and glue it onto the end of your barrette. For the less crafty, pick up a few pair of patriotic sun glasses to play with. 

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P.S. It was a great Behind the Scenes show:
I got to see my favorite meteorologist Alyssa Corfont!

AND I got to meet the hilarious Sheryl Underwood from The Talk!

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