Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Teacher Appreciation Baskets

It is that time of year again, teacher appreciation month and the end of the traditional school year.  It is the perfect time to shower your kid’s teacher with a few thank you gifts for everything they have done.

Some of you may remember my Movie Theme Teacher Appreciation Basket or my favorite ways to Dress Up a Starbucks Cup for a coffee loving teacher. I am thrilled to share with you my 2015 Teacher Appreciation Baskets in the theme of:

Healthy & Helpful!

All three of these baskets for the teachers at Bright Horizons were inspired by my grocery store’s weekly sales add. I, like many of you, have become hooked on ordering groceries online so I spend many Sunday evenings finalizing my shopping list.  On this particular Sunday evening I was scrolling through the sales (always my first step!) and I noticed that everything you needed for a great cookout was on sale which got me to thinking, what if I put together dinner baskets for the teachers.  Thus began my basket creation :-)

My first creation was the ‘Where’s the Beef?’ basket for our favorite male teacher at day care, Mr. De.
Where's the Beef? Teacher Appreciation Basket
Hot Dog Buns
Hamburger Buns
Fresh Corn on the Cob
Baked Beans
Hamburger Seasoning

Place all ingredients in a basket, bag, or reusable foil pan covered in paper napkins for a little extra color and attach a tag which says ‘Where’s the Beef?’. Your teacher, and whomever they are cooking dinner for will be thrilled!

TIP: These also make the perfect Father’s Day Gift, Host Gift for a Cookout, or Welcome to the neighborhood gift!

My second creation was the ‘Dinner’s on us!’ basket for each of the boys’ teachers.
Dinner's on us! Teacher Appreciation Basket
Angel Hair Pasta (or whatever you prefer)
Spaghetti Sauce
Green Beans
A Fresh Baguette
Garlic Salt

Place all ingredients in a basket, bag, or reusable foil loaf pan covered in paper napkins for a little extra color and attach a tag which says ‘Dinner’s on us!’. If your teachers are anything like ours they will go crazy over this basket!

TIP: This is also the perfect Welcome to the neighborhood gift, Hostess gift when you are crashing at a friend’s house, Administrative Assistant’s Day gift, or Housewarming present.

My third creation, the ‘Just Add: Your Favorite Movie!’ was not quite so healthy, but a lot of fun!
Just Add: Your Favorite Movie! Teacher Appreciation Basket

Microwave popcorn bags
Cracker Packs

Place all ingredients in a gift bag and attach a tag which says ‘Just Add: Your Favorite Movie!’ Your teachers will be thinking of you during their next night in!

TIP: This is also the perfect just because gift for friends or co-workers, Get Well Soon basket or Christmas stocking stuffer.

No matter what you decide to give your teachers, don’t forget about them. A sweet hand written note from your child or a piece are artwork created just for them will mean so much.  For me, the best part of creating Teacher Appreciation Baskets is definitely the delivery! My boys LOVE delivering these gifts and their teachers are always so excited – that is what I live for :-)

T-Dogg delivering a gift to Ms. Shawna
You don’t ever think you have to break the bank either, I did not spend more than $10.00 on any of these baskets!  Get your inspiration from what’s on sale :-)

Until next time,

aka Chick #1

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