Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Travel Survival Tips

Traveling over the holidays is taxing, especially with kids in tow.  On Good Day Carolinas I showed Page Crawford a few simple ways to make your holiday trip easier on everyone:

Comfort Items
o   Lovies and Pillow Cases.  The most important part of packing for a trip is remembering your little one’s Lovies because goodness knows no one will survive the trip without them.  You can also ensure a smoother trip and easier bedtime by bringing along their favorite blanket from home, and a pillowcase for your older kids.  The familiar smell of their own pillowcase will help your little one sleep better at night.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel with the whole pillow, you can simply slip your pillowcase over the pillow at grandma’s or the hotel.

Safety Tips
o   Babyproofing on the go.  It is easier than you might think to babyproof on the go.  You can make your own on the go babyproofing kit with a few outlet covers, a night light and painters tape.  A night light is a must so that you can dimly illuminate the little one’s corner of the room and painters tape will help keep cabinet doors closed without causing any damage.

A Wallet Full of Free Fun
o   Unexpected Fun.  Surprise your toddler with some unexpected and FREE fun to keep them entertained on the road.  Fill an old wallet with pictures, business cards, membership cards, etc. for your little one to play with.  Your toddler will be entertained for what will feel like forever pulling out cards, putting them back in, examining pictures and counting their money.

Travel Friendly Gear
o   Compact and Multi-purpose Gear.  When you are packing for your trip, think strategically and pick items that are super compact or will do double duty.  For instance, it is easiest to travel with a silimap which easily folds up and can be drawn on for hours of mealtime entertainment.  You should also look for multi purpose items that can do double duty, like a Hooter Hider which can also be used to cover baby on a plane for nap time or as a receiving blanket in a pinch.

Traveling can be tough on the whole family, especially over the already stressful holidays when everyone and their mother is also traveling.  So do yourself a favor and try to relax – which is of course easier said than done.  Safe travels!

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