Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ideas for Going Out or Staying In on St. Patrick’s Day

Next Monday is St. Patrick’s Day which means a lot of you will be celebrating this weekend so I shared some fun ways to put the green in your St. Patrick’s Day, whether your throwing a party or heading out on the town, with Page Crawford on WNCN Today this morning:

·      Planning for Staying in or Going out
o   Green Beer.  It just isn’t St. Patrick’s Day without some green beer.  Grab your favorite Lonerider beer and drop in a few drops of food coloring.  It is fun, festive and just what you need for a fun St. Patrick’s Day at home.

o   Accessorize. Going out for St. Patrick’s Day?  Why not pick up a few fun accessories from BuyCostumes.com like a fun beer stein purse or a cut little St. Patrick’s Day hat.  When you are picking out your accessories, think beyond St. Patrick’s Day.  Like buying green serving pieces that you can use year round, you can reuse pieces of last year’s Halloween costume or pick up your next Halloween costume early.  Or heck, borrow part of your kid’s Green Lantern costume.

·      Green Snacks
o   Peanuts & Beer. There is little that goes better with your St. Patrick’s Day beer than some peanuts and this is the perfect time to pull your green Mardi Gras serving pieces for peanuts, snacks or just a cute centerpiece.

o   Veggie Tray.  When you’re picking your St. Patrick’s Day menu, think green!  You can make a simple all green veggie tray with cucumbers, celery, sugar snap peas, and broccoli.  You can even serve your hummus or ranch in a green bell pepper for good measure.  There is nothing wrong with sneaking in a healthy snack or two.

Whatever your St. Patrick’s Day plans are, have a fun and safe night!

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Tune in next week for March Madness tips!

Until next time,
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p.s. A BIG Clueless Chick thank you to BuyCostumes.com for all of the props for today's show.

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