Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Peanut Inspired Party for National Peanut Month!

March is National Peanut Month and since according to the National Peanut Board the average American eats over 6 pounds of peanuts each year, this is cause for a peanut inspired party!  This morning I shared some ways for you to have a Peanut Themed Party with Page Crawford on WNCN Today:

Show Them the Love.
A Jar Filled with Love.  Whether you are opening a new jar of peanut butter to make a PB&J or some Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies (hold for recipe), before you take the first scoop of peanut butter fill the jar with love by using your knife to draw a heart in the peanut butter.  And yes, I do this every time I open a jar :-)

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks.
Mini PB&Js.  Have fun with the traditional PB&J by using a mini loaf of bread, a cookie cutter to turn your PB&Js into fun shapes, or add a few strawberry slices for extra fresh flavor.   

Peanuts.  What could be better than a bucket full of peanuts?  If you are looking for a fun centerpiece for the buffet table or snacks for around the campfire, a bucket full of peanuts is the way to go.  And there is no shame in serving the lazy man’s shelled peanut.  TIP:  If you are serving your bucket of peanuts inside be sure to use a tablecloth, and a drop cloth to make cleanup a breeze.

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies.  A fun and easy way to put a spin on your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe is to add a jelly twist.  Simply take your cookies out of the oven half way through the baking cycle, make a small indentation in the center of the cookie, pop them back in the oven and once fully baked drop a dollop of your favorite jelly in the center.

Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies.  Grab your favorite brownie mix, ½ cup of chocolate chips and a few dollops of peanut butter and you’ve got yourself Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies.  Prepare brownie mix as directed, add chocolate chips, pour into a pan, drop on a few dollops of peanut butter on top and cut in with a knife.  Bake as directed, cool, and try not to eat the entire pan in one sitting.

If you have a peanut allergy in your house you can substitute some super yummy almond or sun butter for the peanut butter.  

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