Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Healthy Pregnancy Tips from Invidia Health & Fitness

We all know how important it is to remain healthy throughout your pregnancy; after all there is another little life depending on you! Plus, all of the weight you put on while you’re pregnant will have to come off at some point…  If you’re eating for 2 now, you’ll be exercising for 2 later!

But how do you safely stay fit throughout your pregnancy?  We went straight to the experts at Invidia Health & Fitness in Austin, Texas for some advice:

Invidia’s Top 5 Tips for Exercising While Pregnant

1.     Continue exercising - just listen to your body
Your doctor will advise you as to what types of exercise you can safely do while pregnant.  Luckily most doctors agree pregnancy doesn’t have to sideline you from running, yoga, cycling, or even step aerobics.  Continue exercising BUT start listening to your body.  Some days you might feel better than others so work with how you feel. Monday you might have little energy and barely finish your jog.  On Tuesday you might have a little spring in your step and run a little faster or swim a few extra laps in the pool.   Listen to how your body feels and follow accordingly.

2.     Make exercise a habit
If you haven’t done so before, this is the time to commit to a consistent exercise routine.  You might as well do it now because it won’t get any easier when the baby comes!  Pencil your workouts into your schedule and treat them like a meeting with your boss.   On days when morning sickness, backaches or indigestion leave you on the couch, commit to at least a short walk.  Nine times out of 10 that short walk turns into a longer walk once you're up and at ‘em!

3.     Give swimming a go
As you progress in your pregnancy the extra weight and pressure might make exercise seem like the least appealing thing in the world.  You might even vow to give up chocolate for the remainder of your pregnancy if it means not having to exercise!  Don’t stress; give swimming a try!  Fitness experts agree that swimming is one of the best forms of exercises to engage in while pregnant.  The weightless sensation of the water alleviates joint and back pain.  Further, swimming provides a two-for-one punch: a cardiovascular AND strength workout in one.

4.     Hydrate
One of the most important tips to remember when exercising while pregnant is to stay hydrated.   Make sure to drink plenty of water before you exercise, while working out, and continue drinking long after you’ve finished.  Early contractions, raised blood pressure, and increased body temperature are all possible side effects of improper hydration.  There isn’t a recommended amount to drink but aim for 8 oz. before, during and after exercise.

5.     Don’t get overheated
Perhaps the most important tip for exercising while pregnant is to avoid getting overheated.  During pregnancy the increased blood flow and increased metabolic rate contribute to you feeling slightly warmer than normal.  When exercising, this sensation increases even more!   So, if pre-pregnancy you braved the heat for a 4 pm run, you need to second-guess yourself now. Head out in the early morning when temperatures are cool and humidity is low.  Avoid exercising in direct sun and stick to cooler, shaded areas.

Thanks for the great tips Rhian!  No matter how you chose to exercise throughout your pregnancy, remember to talk to your healthcare provider or certified personal training and above all else listen to your body.

Invidia Health & Fitness transforms the way you look and feel with Rhian’s personal training and nutrition consulting philosophy. Her clients work incredibly hard, but they have a lot of fun along the way!  Not only can Rhian help you shed that baby weight after you deliver, but she can also make sure you stay healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy.

Learn more about Invidia at www.InvidiaFitness.com and like her on Facebook.

“Come over to the fit side!” –Rhian Jenks Sigman


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