Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shark Attack 7th Birthday!

What could be more fun than hunting for shark teeth at the beach for your 7th Birthday?

Have you ever found yourself just a few weeks away from your daughter's birthday party or your best friend's bridal shower with no clue what to do?  You are not alone!  The good news is that we are here to help!  In just a few days, The Clueless Chick can turn your blank canvas into the perfect party plan.  Take a sneak peek at some of what we prepared for "Walker's" 7th Birthday Party when his mom called and said "Help!  I want to throw the best 7th birthday shark tooth hunting party but I just don't know where to start."

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7th Birthday Shark Attack!

    7th Birthday Party
    Inspiration Pinbord: 7th Birthday Shark Attack!
    Saturday June 16th
    10am - 1pm
Guest Count
    Beach Shark Tooth Hunt
    Home and local beach
10-10:30am: guests arrive
10:30-11am: travel to the beach and setup
11am-12pm: hunt for shark teeth and play trivia game
12-1pm: travel home, open presents and serve cupcakes
    “Help us take a big bite out of Walker’s 7th Birthday with a shark tooth hunt!”
    Thank You Notes:
    Front Door/Yard Sign 
    Shark Happy Birthday Banner: 
    Blue Tablecloths, Shark Plates, Napkins and Blue plastic silverware

Favor Options
1.            Each guest will receive a Personalized Shark Tooth Collection Jar

2.            Each guest will receive a small Personalized Shark Tooth Collection Jar (similar to a tic tac boxes)
    The main activity will be the trip to the beach to hunt for shark teeth!
Supplies: beach towels, large sheet, baby wipes, shovels (all supplies can be thrown into a plastic tub or large beach bag for easy transportation)
    Shark Tooth Trivia (perfect for either at the house to get the kids excited to head to the beach, or at the beach):

  1. - Sharks have seven rows of teeth; each row consists of 40 or more teeth.
  2. - A shark’s front row of teeth is used to feed until they wear out, at which time they are shed and a new row of teeth moves up and into place
  3. - A single shark can produce as many as 2,400 teeth in one year!
    Most food will be served on the beach post-shark tooth hunt, while cupcakes will be served at the house
    Lunch will be prepared and packaged in easy to carry Chinese Take Out Boxes for each guest containing a sandwich and snacks:
Pizza Rollups 
Turkey Tortilla Wrap (made as a wrap or Pita Pocket) 
Ham & Turkey Tumble (made as a wrap or Pita Pocket) 
Individual bag of Goldfish
Grapes (in a cupcake liner)
Carrot Sticks/Celery (in a cupcake liner)
Tortilla Chips
String Cheese
Granola Bar

       Family style side dishes can be prepared to supplement packed lunches for allow parents to snack:
pasta salad, fruit salad and Chex Mix; all of which should be served in plastic tumblers/highballs
       Drinks are easily transported to the beach in the same cooller as the prepared lunches.  Tip: pack ice in large ziploc bags so that nothing gets wet and ice can be used for drinks.
Juice and Milk Boxes
Water Bottles