Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yoga Tips for The Clueless Chick [and a FREE app!]

In my never-ending attempt to relieve stress I have started doing yoga again.  As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of pre-natal yoga which I did through both of my pregnancies (the benefits are nothing short of amazing!).  But alas, yoga is yet another activity on the long list of things I have not managed to work back in to my busy schedule… until now!

I have discovered the perfect solution to my “I just can’t manage to fit in a trip to the yoga studio problem” – an app!  It just so happens that my new favorite Yoga app, Pocket Yoga - Practice Builder, is this week’s Starbuck’s Pick of the Week.  That’s right – it’s FREE!  So now you don’t have any excuses either.  Go pick-up a Pick of the Week card at your local Starbucks or e-mail me and I’ll hook you up with a download code.

The Pocket Yoga app is fantastic – you can create your personalized yoga routine literally in just a few minutes, complete with music, personalized background and audio post instructions.  If you are a novice, the app will even suggest the best transitions between poses.  If you are a master it will also allow you to pick from all available poses and time each and every one.

You can even create multiple practices for different days or moods J  I’ve got a quick 5 min “I need to re-center” practice and a longer practice for when I have the time. 


P.S. I did not receive any compensation for the above glowing review of Pocket Yoga - Practice Builder.  If you happen to know someone connected to the app, please let them know I do accept cash, checks and all major credit cards ;-) 

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