Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve with Kids

It’s New Years Eve and you’ve been hoping to spend the night at your favorite party, but it turns out life has other plans for you. If your baby sitter canceled on you at the last minute, or one of the kids got sick, don’t worry, I can show you how fun being stuck at home with the kids on New Years Eve can be.

DIY New Years Craft
·      DIY Sparkler Rings: Making a fun and easy craft is a great way to pass the hours with your kids on New Years Eve and these DIY Sparkler Rings just perfect. All you need are pipe cleaners (preferably sparkly) and a pair of scissors. To make the ring, cut 3 pipe cleaners in half and set 1 piece aside. Fold the remaining 5 pieces in half, forming a loop at the bend large enough for a child’s finger and wrap the remaining piece just above the loop to form the ring. Then, bend back each end of the pipe cleaners to form the design of a sparkler. These rings are so easy and fun you’ll be making them in every color for every holiday.

·      DIY Noise Makers:  You don’t have to spend a fortune on throwaway noisemakers this New Years, all you need are plastic containers and dry beans.  Here I’ve used old drink bottles that have been washed and dried then filled with dry beans.  To add a little decoration, I covered the bottles with black cardstock and added bright white ‘2016’ stickers.  Kids and adults alike will love using these simple shakers to make a little noise on New Years.

Wishes for the New Year
·      New Years Wishes Ball: A fun way to teach your kids about positive thinking and planning for the future is to make New Years Whishes Balls on New Years Eve. All you need are clear glass (or plastic) ornaments, paper cut into ~3”x1” strips, and a pen. You will use the paper and pen to write down your wishes for the coming year, then roll up each strip of paper and stuff them into your clear glass ornament. As the year progresses you can review your wishes or keep them a secret until it is time to make your New Years Wishes Ball next year.

Midnight Toast
·      Milk & Cookies: For New Years Eve with the Kids, you are probably planning to ring in the new year at 8 or even 10pm, and doing so with a kiddo friendly toast is simply perfect. Pick up a set of plastic champagne glasses from the party store, fill them with milk and top each glass with a cookie. Can you imagine a better way to ring in the new year than with milk and cookies?

Whether your night at home with the kids was planned or is happening by chance, you are going to have a fabulous time, Happy New Years!

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