Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Make Your Holiday Party Stand Out

One of the best things about this time of year is all of the holiday parties. Whether you are planning a large party or just having a few friends over, there are very easy ways to add your personal style to your party. Today on My Carolina Today I shared my favorite tips for making your holiday party stand out from the rest.

Make Your Mark
·      Decorative Glass Markers: Let’s be honest, you’re sick of using the same old wine glass markers and the thought of spending $20-50 on a new set is just irritating. Here’s an idea – why not repurpose holiday window clings?  Those gel window clings you see at the store for $1-2 make the perfect stay-put wine glass marker and for just a few bucks you can buy more than you’ll ever need.  You can have fun by decorating each glass before guests arrive, or let them get creative and pick their own designs.

Fun with Food
·      Snowballs: When you are setting your party menu, choose foods that you can have fun with. Powdered doughnut holes make the perfect Snowballs for any winter party and can be served on a plate, bowl or even a cute vase. You can add an extra special twist to your glasses by putting a doughnut hole on each straw. Your imagination is your only limit.

Grab and Go
·      Shrimp Cocktail Shots: Shrimp Cocktail is an easy crowd pleaser at any party, but how boring is a plain plate of shrimp?! Why not create individual Shrimp Cocktail Shots? All you need are plastic shot glasses with a dab of cocktail sauce in each and a shrimp on top. Not only are these absolutely adorable, they are an ideal snack for mingling because your guest can grab a glass and go.  

·      Hot Cocoa Kit: To make your holiday party unforgettable, never send your guests home empty handed. A small favor or a Grownup Hot Cocoa Kit are easy ways to thank your guests for coming. The Hot Cocoa Kit is made up of a small mason jar, cocoa mix, mini marshmallows and a mini bottle of Irish Cream. Simply add the cocoa mix to the mason jar, top it with marshmallows and tie on a bottle of Bailey’s. Your guest will be reminiscing about your party the next night over their hot cocoa.

Whether you go all out or include one small personal touch, make your party your own. A personalized party will mean more to you and your guests. Happy Holidays!

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