Thursday, February 12, 2015

Organize Your Pantry {organize your life}

A messy pantry is not only a pain when you are searching for the crackers you KNOW you bought last week, it can also cost you money when you have to throw away expired food you didn’t even know you had. Let me show you how easy and inexpensive organizing your pantry can be:

Vertical Space
o   Magazine Rack.  Pick up a magazine rack at your local office supply store, turn it on its back and fill it with your tin foil, plastic wrap, zip top baggies, etc.  Organizing these pantry essentials in a magazine rack will save you precious shelve space by stacking up and will make finding exactly what you need a whole lot easier

o   Wire Shelves.  Add additional vertical space to your pantry shelves with a few wire racks.  These racks make it easier to stack items that are usually too delicate to stack.  Wire shelves also make it easier to use baskets and open top boxes to organize snacks in your pantry.

o   Rethink Your Organizing Tools.  When it comes to picking the right containers to use in your pantry organization quest, think outside of the box.  A small bin makes the perfect spice envelope organizer and a candy jar is perfect for keeping smaller items like raisins, granola bars or peanut butter cups contained.  Dont forget to also use your plastic shoeboxes to keep bags of pretzels, applesauce, etc. organized and easy to reach.

o   Can Return.  It is easy to lose controls of the cans in your pantry; after all you likely have everything from pears to green beans and soup all mixed together.  One very easy way to keep your cans organized is to use a soda can return.  These nifty contraptions are like an organized ramp for your cans and allow you to insert the newest can at the end of the line so that you always grab the can closes to the expiration date!

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