Sunday, October 26, 2014

Simply Spooky Halloween Decorations

Once you have picked out your Halloween costume and stocked up on pumpkins it is time to start decorating! On my first appearance on FOX46 Good Day Carolinas (YEA!) I shared some of my favorite Halloween decoration tips with Page Crawford:

Spooky Lanterns
o   Mummy Lanterns.  These adorably spooky Halloween lanterns make the perfect centerpiece or decorations for your window and all you need are mason jars, gauze and googlie eyes.  Simply wrap gauze around the mason jars, glue the googlie eyes on the front and add a candle (a traditional or battery operated tea candle is perfect).

Personalized Drinks 
o   Snake Wineglass Markers.  If you are serving wine or witches brew at your Halloween party, don’t forget to have festive wineglass markers on hand.  Nothing is creepier than a few rubber snakes wrapped around the stems of your wine glasses.  Or what about plastic spider rings?  Put those creepy crawlers to good use as adorable and quite inexpensive wineglass markers.

Fun and Edible Centerpiece
o   Candy Corn Candle.  Decorate your Halloween table with a tempting candy corn candle centerpiece with a glass vase, candy corn and a candle.  Really, thats all you need to do to create a Halloween centerpiece that looks a little too tempting.  Since you are using candy corn in your centerpiece you can even get away with using this centerpiece well into November.

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