Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is time to decided on Halloween costumes!  For those of your who are a bit crafty, and those of you who don’t have a crafty bone in your body, I shared some fabulously simple DIY Halloween costume ideas with Page Crawford on Fox46 Good Day Carolinas:

            Your Favorite Character
o   A Free Character Costume.  We have all seen the ultra expensive character costumes at the store, but who wants to spend a ton of money on a costume when you can easily create a character costume with a modern twist for free?  After youve selected your character of the year, recreate his/her look with items from your closet.  I easily pulled together a Snow White costume by throwing together a pair of yellow slacks with a blue top, red necklace, shoes and hair bow as well as a bright red apple.  Maybe I will even dress up my little ones as dwarfs.

Sports Fans
o   Put Your Jersey to Good Use.  Are you or your little one a big sports fan?  Why not dress up as your favorite player or a super fan?  All you need is your favorite jersey and a couple of props and you have a perfectly sporty Halloween costume. TIP:  If your childs school does not allow Halloween costumes, wearing a jersey on Halloween is an easy way for the to feel a little dressed up!

Make Grandma Proud
o   Mid-Morning Prep.  If you are looking for a quick and free idea for your Halloween costume, grab a bathrobe and shower cap or a pair of fuzzy slippers.  This Grandmas uniform is the perfect last minute costume for the whole family.  You can even add some additional flare with curlers, a bath loofa, or cold cream.  Just dont forget to layer appropriately for the weather and grab your flannel bathrobe if there is a cold snap on Halloween.

Crafty Accessories
o   Snake Clips.  One of the easiest ways to dress up for Halloween is to pick a few well-placed accessories, like a few snake hair clips!  These creepy little clips are very easy to make, all you need are a few small rubber snakes, hair clips and your trusty hot glue gun.  Simply dab the hot glue on the clip and attach the snake.  Then all you need to do is strategically place a small snake clip in your hair and see who notices first.  TIP: If you are up for making a bunch of snake clips, why not turn this into a medusa costume?

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