Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Newborn Must Haves

More babies are born in September than any other month of the year which means a lot of you have just started preparing for a new baby!  Today I shared a few of my favorite insider tips from Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick with Page Crawford on WNCN Today #TipsonTues.  Here are my personal favorites for making your first days at home a whole lot easier.

     Saving on Cleanup Time.
o   Keeping Clean.  Having a new baby in the house means lots and lots of dishes to wash.  Make life a little easier with the right tools like the Munchkin bottle brush and dishwasher basket.  With the right tools, your endless dish washing will be much easier.  You can also put a small tub in the kitchen sink to collect dirty baby bottle parts so you don’t lose any down the drain.  TIP: A baby bottle brush is also perfect for washing your own water bottles and wine glasses (aka Mama’s sippy cup).

     Making Changes a Little Easier.
o   Portable Changing Station.  In addition to the changing table in your nursery, you can save yourself some time and energy with a portable changing station so that you can change a dirty diaper anywhere in the house.  A super cute and personal favorite is the SaraBear Diaper Caddy from Munchkin.  These baskets are perfect for toting diapers, wipes, changing pad, diaper cream, etc.  

o   Disposable Changing Pads.  Yet another way to make life easier is with disposable changing pads, which are not as disposable as you would think.  These Munchkin Disposable Changing Pads are perfect for your diaper bag, portable changing station or to protect your changing pad.  They are compact, durable and best of all can be tossed when things get too messy.

     Keeping Baby Protected.
o   Infant Carrier Cover.  As a new parent you always want to keep baby protected from the sun, elements, and stranger’s germy hands.  One of the easiest ways to keep baby protected on the go is with The Shade from Imagine Baby which fits right over your infant carrier.  You can easily keep an eye on baby and slip her in and out of the car seat in a snap.  Best of all, The Shade is compact enough to slip into the side pocket of your diaper bag.

If you are looking for all of the best ways to prep for baby, pick up a copy of Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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