Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bone-chilling Bash!

Throwing a party for Halloween is the perfect excuse to over decorate and break out your favorite Halloween costume.  You’ve already decorated your house for Halloween, so why not have a few friends over?  It is easier than you might think to throw together the perfect Bone-chilling Bash!  From a simply spooky menu to devilish decorations, I shared a few of my favorite Halloween party tips with Page Crawford on WNCN Today.

A sneak peak behind the scenes...

     DIY Decorations.
o   Mummy lanterns.  Simply wrap gauze around mason jars, add googlie eyes and a candle and you have a perfectly spooky centerpiece.  Psst – for Christmas swap the gauze for burlap, add brown pipe cleaners and a red nose and you have Rudolf lanterns.
o   Adorable candy corn centerpiece.  Fill your favorite glass vase with candy corn and ghost Peeps for the perfectly edible centerpiece.

     Healthy Snacks.  
o   Candy corn fruit salad.  A fun and healthy single serving option for your guests.
Creepy Drinks. 
o   Snake wineglass markers.  Wrap a rubber snakes around the stems of your wine glasses as creepy wine glass markers.
o   Eyeball and bloody finger ice.  Add creepy shaped ice to your favorite drinks.

     Kid Friendly Fare. 
o   Ghost sandwiches.  Make your favorite sandwiches and you spooky cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes for the little ones.
o   Twisty Noodle coloring book.  You can’t have a party without a few free printables from 

The WNCN Today gang enjoyed snacking on my candy corn centerpiece :-)

The night before our shoot Page and I raised a glass to support the Tammy Lynn Center

You can find all of my tips in Party Planning Tips for the Clueless Chick.

Until next time,
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