Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mini Banana Split

Who doesn't love a Banana Split?  I mean come on, bananas, ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and toppings - who can beat that?  Needless to say, banana splits are this chick's FAVORITE ice cream treat, especially one from a good old fashioned ice creamer where they make their own everything :-)  I have the best memories of special occasions at Fenton's Creamery in California when I was little, I can still taste their amazing whipped cream...

Since it's just not particle for me to hop on a plane every time I have a craving, I've recreated that Delicious Moment with, you guessed it, Breyers.  While I have yet to convince my husband or my youngest that banana splits are the be all end all, my oldest is totally on board (love it!).

In an effort to keep my ice cream consumption to a reasonable serving size and have a banana split my toddler can enjoy, we invented the perfect mini banana split!

The Perfect Mini Banana Split
  • Mini Banana's peeled and sliced length-wise (or a regular banana cut in half and sliced)
  • Your favorite Breyers ice creams
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • M&Ms

Breyers Delicious Moments

In addition to the fabulous Party Planning Tips you’ve come to expect from the Clueless Chick, is bringing you all sorts of fun ideas to create Breyers Delicious Moments throughout the summer.  What could be more fun than cold ice cream on a hot summer day?  Don’t worry; we’ll have plenty of healthy delicious moments ideas too!  

I am thrilled to be working with Breyers and I can’t wait to share with you more exclusive recipes, product sneak peeks and host some fun giveaways!  The Breyers summer of Delicious Moments where you can enter even more contests online and enjoy some Yummyfun tips from Clare Crespo continues so don't forget to enter today.

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