Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post-Natal Pilates {even 2 years later!}

Did you know that post-natal Pilates isn’t just for brand new mommies?!? If you haven’t yet reclaimed your pre-baby body, or if you’ve never had abs of steel, Libby from Studio Sculpt has the perfect exercise for you. Libby introduced me to Pilates just recently and boy have I been pleased with the results!! So naturally I asked Libby to share her ultimate post-natal Pilates move with you:

 Hi Chicks,

The number one muscle women forget to retrain, and keep training, after having a baby is the deepest core muscle, the transverse. This muscle has nothing to do with your six-pack, but actually this is the core muscle that hugs and holds your spine in place like a natural corset providing core strength and support for your back.  One of the best moves you can do for your deepest core is the knee hover.

The Knee Hover

  1. Start by coming on all fours, hands underneath shoulders, and knees underneath hips.
  2. Tuck and round your lower back, think about tucking your hips under.
  3. Take a big inhale and exhale without losing this round in the lower back (this is the most difficult part), lift the knees off the floor.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds eventually challenging yourself until you can hold this position one minute.
  5. See if you can get your core to shake, if your core is not shaking relax your shoulders. Shaking is good, that means the core is working.

At first this may seem impossible, but slowly this will make the deep core muscles start to fire, eventually your body will start to use this muscle when it is under strain, instead of your back. Now how cool is that?

Depending on where you are post baby, whether you are just starting back into your fitness routine, or your child is old enough to do this move with you, this should be a part of your core work at least three times a week.


Check out Studio Sculpt’s PINK (Pre and Post Natal) class that focus on activating the deep transverse core, counteracting imbalances from holding children on one side, and deep pelvic floor and core connecting exercises like the knee hover. For more information visit

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my name is Libby, i am a lover of all things fitness, food, and fabulous things! i spend most of my time working with clients and teaching them how to move better and live better through pilates.  ive come to find that moving everyday, eating clean, and experiencing fabulous things is when i feel the happiest. I started this adventure of pilates and eating cleaner in LA and NYC almost 7 years ago.  at the pulse of fitness and health i found that getting your core to work properly is the secret to it all, and believe it or not it is pretty simple with pilates.

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