Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 Reasons Pregnant Women and Moms on-the-go Can’t Live Without Starbucks

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major Starbucks addiction.  In fact, my boys refer to Starbucks as “Mama’s coffee”.  Honestly, it would be shameful to count the number of Venti Nonfat 4 Splenda Lattes I’ve had over the years...  

Thanks to that addiction, I bring you the 10 Reasons Pregnant Women and Moms on-the-go Can’t Live Without Starbucks:

  1. Healthy snacks for any diet: Fresh Fruit, Steel-cut Oatmeal, Popcorn, and Doughnuts ;-)
  2. Great place to relax: Comfy Chairs, Wifi, Good Music, and Great Atmosphere
  3. Lots of caffeine free options for you preggies: Teas, Hot Chocolate, Flavored Steamed Milk and Steamed Apple Juice (who knew?)
  4. Water: stay hydrated while you’re pregnant or when you’re nursing
  5. Restroom and changing table (in most locations)
  6. Healthy toddler-friendly food and drinks: Fresh Fruit, Applesauce, Organic Milk and Juice Boxes
  7. Toddler cups: Solo cups are the perfect size for your little one
  8. Hot water: get a cup of hot water to warm a baby bottle or thaw frozen homemade baby food
  9. Ice: grab a Venti cup of ice to keep frozen homemade baby food or breast milk cold in a pinch
  10. Gifts: pick up a gift card, travel coffee mug, tea, chocolate covered espresso beans or a CD when  you realize you totally forgot to pick up a gift over the weekend

Starbucks also has all of the caffeine you may need, in every imaginable flavor, temperature and strength to help you survive the day after those sleepless nights.

Next time you’re running errands or traveling cross country, make sure you have the Starbucks App on your phone so that you can find a location near you!

Until next time,
AKA Chick #1

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I was given permission to use the Starbucks logo and links their website in my post.  I received no monetary compensation for my glowing recommendation of Starbucks.

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