Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Signs of Learning!

If you are looking for something fun and educational to do with your little one, check out Signs of Learning a Raleigh based American Sign Language (ASL) school for babies and small children.  Yes, babies!  If you have never seen a baby use ASL it is an amazing and adorable sight.  

So check out their latest Class Schedule and like their Facebook Page for updates.  You can register for everything from a free informational session to Sing & Sign Playtime!  If you aren't in the Raleigh area, they also have great self-directed teaching aids.  Jess is an amazing teacher, you and your little one will just love her!

Pregnancy Tip for The Clueless Chick: if you are pregnant this is the perfect opportunity to learn a few signs before your bundle of joy arrives!

Personal Note:  As someone who was once fluent in ASL, I have signed to my little ones since the day they were born and they LOVE it!  Signing has helped my little ones communicate before they could talk and learn to spell.

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