Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 Cake Decorating Tips

One of our favorite Chicks, Lisa, recently posed a great question on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheCluelessChick:
Do you have any recommendations on how to decorate a cake and make it look like a professional made it?
Here are our top 5 cake/cupcake decorating tips:

  1. Have the right tools on hand
Invest in the right tools for the job, it will make life soooo much easier.  You can pick up a decorating spatula at your favorite kitchen store or your local Target.  If you plan to frost both cakes and cupcakes, buy both a large and small spatula (you should be able to find both for $20). http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=124981
  1. Let the cake cool completely and the frosting come to room temperature before frosting
Allow your cake to cool completely before frosting to avoid a crumby mess.  If possible, allow the cake to cool in an airtight container overnight.  Also, make sure that your frosting is at room temperature so that it is smooth enough to spread easily.
  1. Add powdered sugar to store bought frosting
Adding up to ¼ cup of powdered sugar to store bought frosting will allow you to create a smoother and firmer look.  This will also make your frosting easier to spread.
  1. Cover a crumb-laden cake with a thin layer of “under frosting”
If your cake did not pull away from the sides of your pan while baking, or you have cut it into an adorable shape, you may find yourself dealing with crumby edges.  Simply start by gently applying a layer of what I like to call “under frosting”.  Just like you would prep a wall with primer before you paint, apply a thin layer of frosting over your cake to pick up all of the crumbs.  Then simply place your cake in the refrigerator long enough for the crumby frosting to harden.  Once the under frosting has hardened, apply your top layer of frosting and voila, you have perfect crumb-free frosting!
  1. Use a warm knife to correct any imperfections
Just like you dip your ice cream scoop in hot water before you dive into a carton of frozen ice cream, If you are trying to correct any imperfections after your frosting has hardened simply dip your decorating spatula in hot water to warm it up a bit.  This will warm the frosting just enough to re-spread it.

Happy Cake Decorating!

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