Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#TopTwo Baby Items I Still Use Every Day

This installment of my #TopTwo is dedicated to saving you a little money.  Having a baby can be an expensive endeavor which I why I always recommend that you shop smart, buying only what you truly need and looking for gear that will do double duty.  For example, skip the changing table when you are buying nursery furniture and buy a dresser that can double as a changing table.

The same is true when it comes to buying smaller items and believe you me, there are a ton of small items to buy.  Here are two of my must have baby items which I am literally still using 5 years later.  Really, every day.

Not only is the Boon Patch just about the most stylish bottle drying rack there is, it is uber versatile.  Years after the boys have outgrown bottles I am still using my Patch for everything from small items like measuring spoons and corn on the cob holders to delicate items like wine and champagne glasses or vases.  Cutting boards, spoons, spatulas and water bottles will dry quicker and look cuter!

I have tried a lot of baby bottle brushes over the years (a LOT) and the Munchkin Big Brush is still my favorite.  It is the perfect compact all-in-one brush that made bottle washing much easier.  So what do I use it for these days?  This brush is my go to for water bottles, wine and champagne glasses, vases, ramekins, small pots, you name it! Like any kitchen sponge you’ll want to swap it out when it starts looking a little iffy, but at this price you might as well buy 3 at a time.

How is that for 2 inexpensive long term investments?! Who doesn’t love #TopTwo money savers :-)

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