Monday, January 12, 2015

Homemade Baby Food Made Easy

The idea of making your own baby food can feel a little overwhelming, until now. I shared some of my favorite homemade baby food tips with Page Crawford on Good Day Carolinas and even learned some of Page's favorite tips:

            Untraditional Tools
o   Immersion Blender.  All of babys first foods have to be pureed and the easiest way to puree everything from a single serving of avocado to a weeks worth of sweet potatoes is with a plain old immersion blender.  Thats right, you dont have to use an expensive food processor or fancy baby food maker, just pull our your old immersion blender and give it a try!  TIP:  You can also use your immersion blender right in the pot you used to steam your food which will save you a few dirty dishes.

o   Palm Peelers.  When it is time to peel a batch of sweet potatoes or carrots, your wrist may start aching just at the thought of it.  Enter one of my favorite homemade baby food making tricks the palm peeler.  These peelers fit, as you might have guessed, in the palm of your hand so your wrist wont get tired while you are peeling.  The best part is how easy the palm peelers are to find, you can even pick one up at your local dollar store.  TIP: To skip the hassle of peeling a prep work all together, pick up frozen, organic, peeled and diced veggies at your local grocery store which can easily be steamed and pureed!

o   Self Feeding.  When it is time to let baby try to feed herself, give NumNums dips a try.  These cool new alternatives to a traditional baby spoon allow your little one to feed herself at a much earlier age without all the mess.  And we all know that feeding baby is a messy endeavor.

o   Ice Cube Tray.  When you are making a batch of baby food it is important to prepare to freeze some or all of the food in single serving sizes.  The easiest way to freeze single servings is in a traditional ice cube tray.  Simply puree your batch of baby food and transfer it into an ice cube tray or two to place in the freezer.  Once the baby food cubes are frozen, pop them out of the ice cube tray and into labeled freezer storage bags.  When it is time to feed baby simply defrost your cubes.

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