Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keeping Baby Safe During Baby Safety Month

We all know how important it is to keep baby safe, which is why September has been named National Baby Safety Month.  Baby safety is much more than putting baby to sleep on their back and properly strapping them into their car seat.  This morning I shared some of my favorite #TipsonTues baby safety reminders with Sharon Tazwel on WNCN Today:

            Proper Product Usage
o   Bumbo FLOOR Seat. The Bumbo baby seat is one of the neatest baby products introduced in recent years which gives babies the ability to sit upright before they are able to on their own.  The only trouble is that many people have misused the Bumbo.  Please be sure to read all of your baby product instructions before using your gear so that you and baby can safely enjoy all of your baby gear!  TIP:  A Bumbo Floor Seat is perfect for feeding baby their first solid foods on the living room floor, it’s what I used!

Protecting Little Fingers
o   Jamm Doorstop.  Anyone who has seen a little one slam his or her fingers in a door knows how important a good doorstop is.  My favorite new doorstop is from Jamm and works on hardwoods and carpet.  By locking a door in place, the Jamm doorstop can safely keep little ones from slamming the door, or opening it too quickly.

Travel Safety
o   Current Baby Pictures.  When you are traveling with your little one, it is always a good idea to have a current picture handy.  We all have multiple pictures of our kids on our phone, but consider also carrying a current printed picture in the diaper bag, just in case.  Should the need arise; it is much easier to share a good old-fashioned photo than one on your phone.

Swing Safety
o   SwingEase.  Taking your toddler to the park is the perfect way to spend the afternoon, but it can be quite frustrating if there are not toddler friendly swings to use.  Enter the SwingEase by HoneyBee Child, invented right here in North Carolina!  With the SwingEase you can turn any swing into a safe toddler swing.  It easily attaches to any park swing and folds up into your diaper bag.  This is also the perfect way to keep baby germ free on the swing, we all know they like to lean forward and chew on a toddler swing :-)

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